Chad Schmuland

CEO and Creative Director




My passion for design started as a little boy when helping my father and grandfather build homes on Vancouver Island.


I remember helping my father lay carpet and put up walls in new developments in Victoria neighborhoods. We would sit together and draft blueprints as I learnt the basics of the architecture and design development process. I became so engrained in the love for structure that I knew one day I wanted to be a designer of purpose.


My motivation for design continued in high school where at 18 I won a small block award for my Miami- inspired dream home drafting creation and achieved the highest marks and recognition in my Interior Design class. In September 2013 I began my Interior Design educational journey. I obtained my Interior Design Diploma (D.I.D.) at the Visual College of Art and Design and won the Best in Show at our Graduation Portfolio Show in April 2016. 


Today I reflect on my progress, my style and my inspirations and I see the designer I’ve become. Through my natural ability to take a blank canvas and create something incredible to my simplistic concrete and wood themed design, I have developed into a highly motivated, engaged and inspired designer ready to take on the interior design and architecture industry and place my name as a design stamp.


Let the next chapter of my journey commence.

Robbie Thomas

CAD Tech and Rendering Specialist


I have always wanted to be a creator, exploring different outlooks of self expression.


However, in the professional environment, I have never truly felt like a creator. Growing up, I was under the impression that my career had to be practical and contribute to society in a meaningful way, which led me to pursue an undergraduate degree in civil engineering. I thought that creativity was mostly relevant to the entertainment industry, until I discovered the field of interior design.


Design is the best of both worlds – it allows me to explore my imagination, while contributing to the betterment of society. Many aspects of this profession have captivated me, namely improving the physical environment and spatial experiences for people.


It is a pleasure to be working with the Chad Schmuland Design team. Everyone here is very passionate in creating their designs and I am happy to create the renderings and technical drawings for such a wide variety of beautiful projects.

Chad Schmuland Design