Hello everyone, My name is Chad, I’m the creator of this amazing blog and Interior Designer/CEO at Chad Schmuland Design.


This is my inspirational blog in the design styles of Miami Modern, Beach Themed, Mid-Century Modern and Contemporary Designs. Design, Interiors, Outdoor Spaces and Architecture is my world and creation is part of my daily life. This blog is to share my ideas, my goals and help educate anyone looking for inspiration, advice or ideas in the Interior Design space.​

Design Podcast

​Meeting Jeremy recently was a blessing in disguise. Jeremy is a podcaster in Vancouver who focuses on quality educational content for readers from the LGBT community like myself who have gone through struggles in life. This podcast discusses my own personal struggles but how I rose up against bullying and turned my passion for design into an incredible career choice while creating a brand I’m proud of. I hope you enjoy it and thanks again Jeremy, this was a great opportunity to open up about my past and my future. For more podcasts from Jeremy please check out his website at www.journey2worthy.com.  Listen on:

Colour Consultation Seminar

​Knowing how to choose the right colour for any space can be challenging. In 2018 there’s even more choices with selecting the perfect match but the key is knowing how you...

DESIGN MIAMI/ and Art Basel​

The first of many design exhibits and conferences in the coming year and this one started off showcasing products from a few of my favourite locations, Miami Beach (aka South Beach) and the Miami Design District.​

A How-to-Guide on Pre-staging Preparations.

Give Your Home the Curb Appeal It Needs. The Kitchen - Clean the sink, oven and fridge Clear and put away all pots, pans and dishes Clean out the non-essentials like gadgets, magnets and photos on your fridge Store away all your papers and notes Polish your fridge, sink and oven Wipe and clean the exterior and interior of your cabinets Wash kitchen doors and windows Air out the garbage areas with deodorizer and put out air fresheners Repair any broken hinges, doors, appliances, leaky sinks and faucets Patch up any holes and paint Add new accents like plants and rugs


Chad Schmuland Design

Chad Schmuland Design