commercial prop styling

Vancouver Marriott Pinnacle

Over the course of multiple days, Jeremy and I were able to capture the incredible spaces of the Vancouver Marriott Pinnacle through a continued partnership in Commercial Prop Styling.  The Marriott was focused on creating incredible looks to represent a multitude of spaces for commercial use.  From the stunning Caulfield Room to the grand Pinnacle Ballroom we created the perfect looks to showcase the brands image and added detailed touches to each space.


 commercial prop styling

JW Marriott Parq Vancouver

In a newly formed partnership with Jeremy Segal of jsegalphoto, I had the opportunity to partner on set in creating visually appealing to look to represent the brand image of this hotel.  We used Commercially Stocked Props to style each space while creating an effective and dazzling look in each space.  Below are two representations of JW Marriott’s Premier Suite and The Glamoury, the gorgeous and stunning salon that opened it’s 2nd location within the hotel.


ImageX Media

In a beautiful historic building in Gastown, ImageX Media employs their incredible graphic and web design team. We were approached for a complete remodel of their Commercial Workspace in the fall of 2018 to do a complete remodel of their work environment. A complete transformation of spaces turned this already great space into the relaxation and workforce haven everyone desired.  Check out the before and after’s below and discover the world of the new ImageX Media designed by us at Chad Schmuland Design for Commercial Design.




Photography by J Segal Photo


ImageX focused on a rebrand. A fresh new way to showcase the strong branding and work they’ve been doing for years. With offices all over the globe including Kiev and Orlando they want a seamless brand to showcase to their clients for years to come in the web and graphic worlds of business.

The biggest revamp and one of the most important spaces. The Cafeteria/Boardroom. This space originally had a massive table taking up the entire room, it was time for a change. By changing this space into a place of relaxation and work, we were able to create areas where everyone can be productive, relaxed and enjoy social time.

This is the place to be when you want to be greeted into ImageX Media. A soulful and complete place of relaxation, the entrance was changed to make you understand their brand, their image and a welcoming invite into their body of work.

What more can be said than turning the executive offices into productive work spaces with a touch of flare through colour and creativity.

The gorgeous refresh with incredibly comfortable and ergonomic excellence seating. The Novo is a chair made for the everyday worker and it’s a stunning piece of art as well. ImageX Media’s most grand staff request was finding the perfect fit for their employees, and the Novo chair makes everyone feel relaxed and engaged while focusing on daily work tasks for long periods of time.

Another massive overall, the original work space. Focusing on reinvigorating the space through motivating and inspirational value statements, comfortable seating and professional sound barriers between desks made this transition the highlight of the design. And even providing a little focused work space of creativity for those who want a desk break.

Core Values. Inspirational Design. This is the new ImageX Media.

Chad Schmuland Design