Day 3: DesignMiami/ and Art Basel


The main events of my trip to Miami.  What incredible Art Deco, Modern and simply Exotic pieces of furniture and art you can find anywhere around the world. Top artists from The UK,France, Germany, Italy, Japan and Brazil were all over the exhibit floors, covering hours of adventure in discovery.  These stunning pieces of art and furniture were ultra-modern, ultra-luxurious and ultra-cool.  The Art Basel Exhibit at the Miami Convention Centre was at least 4-6 blocks long, so long in fact, you got transportation to the DesignMiami/ and other exhibits on your tour, not to mention the 36 degree weather at the height of my tour, it was slightly warm to say the least.  But touring through these ideas gives one incredible inspiration and the motivation to truly create an experience for each and every client. A unique space to feel at peace in their own home or office while showcasing bold and exotic looks to wow themselves and those who appreciate the craft of individual design and art.


DESIGN MIAMI/ and Art Basel​

The first of many design exhibits and conferences in the coming year and this one started off showcasing products from a few of my favourite locations, Miami Beach (aka South Beach) and the Miami Design District.​




Day 1 & 2: Arrival, Modloft and Judith Norman Outdoor


Arriving in Miami is always exciting, the beautiful weather, the gorgeous palms tree and the stunning oceans views.  The main drag is Ocean Drive which is filled with Architecture from the 1930s-1970s. Being part of that incredible vibe is inspiring on its own and exploring is the best adventure a design can have. After taking a few moments on the boardwalk on Ocean Drive and South Beach, I took to my own Manufacturer Tour with some of my favourite manufacturers and vendors of Modern Indoor and Outdoor Furnishings.   


With each step of my tour I had to keep reminding myself that I didn’t have enough room in my suitcases to even take back a single product, wish I could transport myself and a few key pieces back to Vancouver to show off!  But the best part about each of these manufacturers, isn’t the products, it’s the experience you feel being in them, lounging and imagining yourself in these relaxing well crafted pieces of art we call furniture. Check out some of the great products they each sell and let me know your thoughts at these amazing Modern and Beach Themed designs.

Chad Schmuland Design