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Want to reinvigorate your rooms and get the latest style trends? Want to save up to 50% off retail pricing? Want a space you can’t wait to come home to? Book a consult today to find out more.

Commercial Design


Revamping your space? Promoting and Marketing a new brand look? Contact us today to find out how to transform your commercial spaces into a place you’ll love to working in.



Want to get the best value for your home when selling? Investing in Staging can give you the wow factor to close the sale when appealing to the buyers.

Making your dream oasis come alive​

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Staging Services


Want to get the best money when selling your home? Also check out our How-To-Guide on preparations before we come in...

Inside Advice Consultation


Need help deciding on the right products for your space and want some quick advice from a professional? Where to shop for some of the latest affordable style trends? Hosting an event and want that extra flare to show off?...

Commercial Services


Taking over a business or starting a new one? We take regular work spaces and....

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Design Services Consultation


Looking for Beach, Bohemian, Modern, Mid-Century or Contemporary design styles? Finding you don’t have the time to dedicate to the look you’ve always wanted? Let us get you the Indoor and Outdoor looks you desire...

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