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Residential Interior Design​

Making Your Dream Oasis Come Alive ​


When it comes to interior designing for your home, you need someone with a vision. The vision to look into your dream and make it a reality.​

Your Home Is Your Oasis​​

Everyone has their perfect dream. Let’s explore your idea of that perfect sanctuary. We will help you visualize the space that you want to live in. Then we’ll work with you from beginning to end to bring your dream home to life.​​

Our Residential Interior Design Services Include​​

Interior Design That Stimulates Positive Emotions


We take the time to get to know people who will be using the space, each person's unique personalities, behaviours, and preferences. With this knowledge, we propose Interior Design solutions that enhance the living space for healthier and more aesthetically pleasing living environment.



As you grow wiser, your needs and desires evolve. Your perfect home a few years ago may no longer be suited to support your current family and lifestyle. Home renovation can help your home adapt to your present. Chat with Chad Schmuland Design about your home renovation needs.

Custom Millwork


Looking for built-in cabinets that blend perfectly with the theme of your home? Thinking about getting modern office furniture? Got ideas for a customized bar? With Custom Millwork, we use wood to create furnishings and fittings that enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your home.

Staging and Styling


Want to get the best value for your home when selling? Investing in Staging can give your home the wow factor and make it more attractive to the buyer. Staging increases the home's perceived value. Let us help you tap into your homes greatest potential.

Furniture Rentals


Our clients love us for providing this service. While your new furniture is getting manufactured or shipped, you don't need to wait without a sofa or bed. With our furniture rentals, you can temporarily rent what you need. This service is also extremely popular for Staging and Styling.

Additional Services

Colour Consultation


One of the most challenging parts of your home is the walls. Deciding on what fits your space needs more than just a quick decision. You need the advice of a professional to discuss the importance of lighting, tones and what’s best for each space you want to change. With our 2 hour Colour Consultation we will bring your space to life with helping you find the right colours and the best suited products for every need you have.

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Ready To Elevate Your Quality Of Life?​​

Commercial​ Interior Design

Workspace Interiors To Support Your Business Goals ​


Are your workplace interiors suited to support productivity, efficiency and work satisfaction?

From Good To Great: With Interior Design​

Great businesses understand the importance of interior design. If you are eager to build a new commercial space or revamp your current work space, let’s explore ideas to have your workplace become more efficient and productive, build you a space that perfectly portrays your brand values and culture, create an environment that can lead your business from good to great.

Our Commercial Interior Design Services Include​​

Additional Services

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Ready To Elevate Your Quality Of Life?​​

Simply click on the button below and pick a time that suits you for a Free 30-minute phone call.​

Commercial Interior Design


We help in space planning and the selection of materials, colours, and furnishings that complement your businesses brand, culture, values, and aesthetics. Whether it’s an office, a retail outlet, or a warehouse, we take the time to understand your business, its people, and the anticipated interactions with the space. All our space and design solutions are completely personalized to your goals..



Branding is much more than a logo and its colours. Branding is a reflection of the personality and values of your business. eg: If your business values environmental sustainability, we can help you choose eco-friendly furnishings for your office. If your business values collaboration, we can explore flexible workspace designs. Chat with us and let’s explore interior design solutions that perfectly complement your brand.

Color Consultation


Choosing the right colours for your walls can be a difficult task. There are different shades of colours, a wide variety of choices on the palette, and different tones and shades. Deciding on what fits your space needs more than just a quick decision. A colour consultation with our experts turns this complex task into a fun activity. Chat with us to let us help you choose the right colours that will bring your project to life.

Commercial Prop Styling and Staging Services


Businesses Are Built On Trust​

Trust What Our Clients Say About Working With Us​​

Gareth Mason


We engaged Chad to work with us on new interior design options for ImageX. 


We were delighted with the concepts, and also very pleased with the process we went through together to explore the possibilities and come up with final concepts.

Glenn Hilton


I highly recommend Chad Schmuland Design for his great service, vibrant design style and attention to detail.


Seriously, his work ethic, accommodating style and tenacious desire to deliver excellence make him the interior best designer I’ve ever worked with.

Color Consultation

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