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William & Ani



To start with Chad is very easy to work with and is professional yet easygoing (fits my lifestyle).


He is straightforward and really caters his recommendations to each client's unique tastes. He gets to know the person he is working for. Chad also has phenomenal personal style and I really like his modern and colorful style in his designs. I will definitely use Chad again in the future for any of my design needs.

Chad is passionate about what he does, and that passion shines through.


He looks at each space as unique and has a keen eye for what belongs, and will make it better. Even at a coffee shop, he can tell what needs to be done to improve it! He is very professional, detail oriented and personable. He is your partner is design. I highly recommend working with him.

Very professional.


Asked for photos of our house beforehand and arrived with lots of big samples for floors and colours for walls which we really appreciated. It made it easier to imagine the renovation.‚Äč

I would definitely consider Chad for future projects.


I have worked with Chad in a business setting and found him to be highly professional, organized, consistent and dedicated to our group. He has shown great leadership skills and has jumped in to help, whenever it was needed. He is also very personable and friendly and is genuinely interested in building relationships."

Chad Schmuland is a wonderful professional to work with.


He has a keen eye and talent as well as superb communication skills. You will feel like you are in good hands with any design project you take on with Chad at the helm. His community spirit is evident and he is a fantastic team player. I highly recommend Chad as skillful professional in his field."

I am part of the same networking group as Chad


and we have known each other for a few months now and every encounter has been absolutely lovely. I assisted him with a Colour Consultation Seminar that he hosted in April and through that seminar, I was able to see how passionate and knowledgeable he is about the interior design world. Chad is open to new ideas while bringing his expertise to the table in creating a space that's perfect for you. I would encourage anyone to bring Chad Schmuland Design on board and let him work his design magic!

Chad is hard-working, professional and passionate


about helping your space reflect who you are and within budget. Having worked with him to organize networking events, he is super efficient, courteous and very easy to talk to! If you have any design needs, residential or commercial, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Chad Schmuland :)"

Chad is very professional and knowledgeable.


As a Mortgage Broker; I have a lot of home buyers that are looking to have that perfect place called home. It's always a bless to have on my professional network; a designer I can refer my clients to; knowing they will love working with. Chad professionalism is an extension of my image in my network Thank you Chad."

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Chad Schmuland Design

Chad Schmuland Design