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  • What services do we offer?
    - Residential Interior Design and Renovations - Commercial Interior Design and Renovations - Furniture Selections and Purchasing - Material Sourcing and Purchasing - Staging Services - Temporary Furniture Rentals - Custom Millwork - Branding - 3D Rendering (outsourced)
  • What is Interior Design and what is included in it?
    Interior Design is our main service for Residential and Commercial Clients. The service includes our 3 Phases of the Design Process. We start with our Conceptual Design (Phase 1) that provides our initial design, ideas, and drawings of the spaces you require. After your feedback on the direction we are going, we move onto the Design Documentation (Phase 2) where we take your feedback and our ideas and make it all come to life. We finalize all drawings and design elements, begin sourcing products and materials, obtaining samples and finally the final decisions and ordering process begins. Our last step is Design Coordination (Phase 3) that includes the Warehousing and Implementation. This is coordinated with our Operations and Trades based on availabilities and shipment arrivals.
  • What is Conceptual Design? (Phase 1)
    The Concept Design Phase is the initial stage of an Interior Design Project where the Interior Design Team works alongside you to develop a concept or idea for the spaces required. During this phase, we take the ideas you the client has shared and our expertise to put them into a Concept. This Concept will show elements like Inspirational Mood Boards in a Presentation, 2D Plans and 3D Imagery to visualize the design's direction. This helps create a clear design for each additional phase in the process.
  • What is Design Documentation? (Phase 2)
    This is a critical part of the design process where our design creates the detailed plans, drawings and specifications of all materials and products. This communicates the design intent for you, the client, and our trades teams. During this phase, we refine the design direction established in the Conceptual Design Phase and create detailed construction documents that include floor plan, elevations, sections, details, and schedules. These documents are used by our contractors and trades to estimate the cost of the project, and the millwork, trades, and construction teams to build the space according to the designer’s vision. The design team also works with you, the client, to finalize material selections, furniture, fixtures, and equipment specifications. The Design Documentation Phase requires an elevated level of attention to detail and accuracy, as any errors or omissions can result in costly delays and changes during construction.
  • What is Design Coordination? (Phase 3)
    This is a big collaboration phase with you, contractors, engineers, consultants, and other trades to ensure the design intent is realized as envisioned. During this phase, the design team coordinates with the construction team to review the construction documents and ensure that they are accurate and feasible. Effective communication and coordination during this phase are essential to ensure that the project is completed on time, within budget, and to the highest standard of quality.
  • What is the difference between Staging and Furniture Rentals?
    Staging is for clients who are about to sell their home and need help completing the look of their space for sales purposes.Whereas, furniture Rentals is a service that offers clients waiting for purchased Furniture through CSD where you have no furniture in your newly acquired home or business and need immediate furniture. We rent from local vendors on the Residential and Commercial side that can be acquired and installed within 1-2 weeks.
  • Are 3D Renderings included for our projects?
    No, however, we do offer 3D Renderings as an added Service. Per room each rendering ranges from $500-1,500 depending on the size and scope requested.
  • Do we offer Project Management?
    Yes, we do offer this as part of our Design Services offering that include Renovations and Furniture.
  • Do we offer Warehousing Services?
    Yes, we offer a minimum 3-month commitment at $250 per month to warehouse all Furniture, Décor, and Accessories.
  • What is Inside Advice?
    This is our Entry Level service that allows you time with an Interior Designer at a minimum 10-hour commitment. While you may have only a few initial needs that require piece meal style service, we offer you dedicated time with a designer to discuss the project, produce ideas and create a suggestion presentation summary for your space. Cost is $1,950.00.
  • What additional costs can we expect to see?
    - Facilitation Fees for the Warehousing of all products until installation begins - $250 per month (minimum commitment of 3 months required) - 5% GST added to all transactions - 3% Credit Card processing fee for all transactions - 20% Markup added to all purchasing from our Trades, Retailers, Wholesalers, Vendors, Millworkers - 10% Contingency Fund added to all purchasing to cover items such as Custom Fees, Import Duties, Shipping Costs (including changes) and is reimbursable following the project completion - Reimbursable Expenses – these expenses range from Parking, Printing, Car Rentals...


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